Madam Elvira Project

Located in the mining district of Morococha, department of Junín, Peru; The average height is 4,370 masl. The project is close to the operations center of the Austrian Duvaz underground mine in Morococha and involves the exploration and development of the Madam Elvira concession.

The deposit has replacement mineralization in sub-horizontal mantles of up to 10 meters of power; Characterized by the high concentration of arsenical copper (enargite), in serpentine layers and lenses with sulfosal contents (tetrahedrite and tenantite) and primary sulphides such as chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, bornite, and covelite.

The mineralized mantle is located in limestone rocks of the Pucará group, with discontinuities and jumps (horts) due to tectonic faults and they are in contact with permic volcanic rocks and intrusive porphyritic type in depth.

Madam Elvira is a very advanced mining project; In the exploration phase diamond drilling was carried out in surface and interior mine to determine the morphology and dimensions of the mantle; The reserves and resources were calculated through the development of pilot excavations (galleries, chimneys and chambers), obtaining 10,630 TMS of ore with 3.28% Cu, 0.87% Zn and 2.16 Oz Ag / TM, and treated in the concentrator plant Puquiococha, where 978 TM of concentrate was recovered with 32.50% Cu, 3.00% Zn and 20.00 Oz / TM and in contaminants 9.00 As% and 1.80 Sb%.

CategoríaMillón TN%CuAg (Oz/TM)
Recursos Madam Elvira0.44.512.25

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